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More victims come forward in alleged sex trafficking ring

New lawsuits have been filed by alleged victims of a Danbury-based human trafficking ring.  7 victims have come forward since the arrest of alleged ring leader Robert King.  Two men have also been arrested for patronizing a trafficked person.


The Newstimes reports that the latest filings including a man purportedly abused when he was around 15.  Another man, who authorities claim killed himself during a police pursuit nearly a decade ago, is the other victim.  The published reports say King had a shrine to the victim in his mobile home, which included a hand-written note from that victim.


The state legislature is considering a bill this session about human trafficking.  The House approved the bill unanimously Wednesday.


The bill would do three things, including to increase the penalty to a Class A felony.  It creates a new crime of commercial sex abuse of minors, which would be the equivalent of patronizing a prostitute under the age of 18.  The bill also adds members, including a victim of human trafficking, to the state's Trafficking in Persons Council.