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State lawmakers propose ban on bump stocks, ghost guns

A statewide ban on bump stocks is being proposed by the chairman of the legislature's Judiciary Committee.  Representative William Tong says The device is designed to make semi-automatic rifles mimic the firing action of fully automatic weapons.


He is also calling for a ban on so-called "ghost guns".


Tong was asked how the bill would be effective considering it's already illegal to manufacture certain firearms in Connecticut.  Tong says current state statute doesn't provide descriptive definitions needed to cover these 80-percent receivers.  Since the item is not yet functional, it's are not considered a gun under current legislative language.


Governor Dannel Malloy previously made a proposal to ban bump stocks .  He said possession and sale of rate-of-fire enhancers would be felonies carrying up to five years in prison.


Gun-rights advocates call the bump stock ban a knee-jerk reaction that will do little to stop criminals from killing.  Opponents also say it's not clear whether the proposal would be effective, because there are many other ways to make guns fire faster.

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