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Local lawmaker to get constituent input ahead of new session

The 2022 legislative session kicks off in a couple of weeks. New Fairfield State Representative Patrick Callahan, whose 108th District seat also covers Sherman and parts of New Milford and Danbury, has put together a brief survey to hear from constituents before the session starts.  In the survey, he outlines the major issues that could come up for debate this session.

Bethel is to hire purchasing agent/ accounting assistant

The Town Of Bethel is looking to hire a purchasing agent/ accounting assistant.  This person must be able to perform the technical and specialized procurement of supplies, materials and services for all Bethel departments.  A Degree in Accounting or Business Administration or related field is required, plus three years experience.  The full time job has a starting salary of $47,500, with a maximum of $55,882. 

Wilton Police looking to hire entry level police officer

The Wilton Police Department is looking to hire an entry level police officer.   An application and full job description can be found at  The patrol officer salary range is from about $67,000 to $92,000.  Candidates must take and pass the the entry level written exam and CHIP test before applying. The deadline for applying is February 19th.

Bethel RTC makes first endorsements in Conn. for 2022 statewide election

The Bethel Republican Town Committee is the first town in Connecticut to endorse Bob Stefanowski for Governor.  They also endorsed George Logan for the 5th Congressional District race, and Tony Hwang and Eric Berthel for Connecticut State Senate seats representing Bethel. 

Stony Hill firefighters help residents shovel driveway

Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company members went out to help a resident in need during the snow storm yesterday.  The fire company received a call at the station from a man needing a recommendation on snow plow companies as his usual one was unavailable. He needed to get to the pharmacy to get medication but couldn’t due to his snow covered driveway.  In the interest of time, a group of 4 members loaded up their snowblower and shovels  and headed out.  They cleared the driveway and the man went on his way.

Sherman EMTs headed out on foot in snowstorm to get to patient

A patient in Sherman had to be shuttled by EMTs from their home yesterday to a waiting UTV because the ambulance and fire apparatus couldn't make it up the road. Sherman Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a medical call around 10am on a report of a person having difficulty breathing. About a quarter of a mile from the house, the ambulance and Utility 6 were unable to pass due to the steep terrain, ice and snow on the roadway. The EMS team went out, on foot, with needed equipment to stabilize the patient while the Polaris Ranger UTV was dispatched. Sherman Public Works was notified to plow and sand the road.  The patient was successfully treated and transported by ambulance to New Milford Hospital.  

COVID-19 data for Greater Danbury area updated by DPH

The state department of Public Health is reporting COVID-19 case rates for the Greater Danbury area ranging from 104 to 206 per 100,000 population, down from a range of 143 to 241 last week. The lowest case rate is in Redding and the highest is in Danbury, based on population. 

The rates are:

Redding 104.2

Ridgefield 132.8

Newtown 147.3

New Fairfield 153.9

Bethel 177.5

Brookfield 183.1

New Milford 183.6

Danbury 206.6

The state Department of Public Health is reporting COVID-19 infection rates for the Greater Danbury area ranging from  20 to 35 percent, down from a range of  22.5 to 31.9 percent last week.  The lowest test positivity is in Ridgefield and the highest is in Danbury.  The rates are:

Ridgefield 19.4 percent

Redding 20.2 percent

Newtown 22 percent

New Milford 24.2 percent 

Bethel 27.5 percent

Brookfield 28.7 percent 

New Fairfield 32.4 percent 

Danbury 34.9 percent 

According to the latest data, Danbury reported 2,450 cases in the last two weeks.  Bethel has had 492 cases, there were 435 COVID cases in Brookfield, and New Fairfield reported 299.  There were 689 COVID cases in New Milford, 575 in Newtown, Redding reported 133 cases in the last two weeks while Ridgefield had 464. 

Redding offering free Radon testing to residents

January is National Radon Action Month.  Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed from the decay of uranium and is found in rock, soil, and water.  The Redding Health Department is offering free radon testing for air and water to the first 20 residents who register.  The best time to test is during the winter months, during the heating season.  Those interested can contact the Redding Health Department at 203-938-2559 or by email at

Open Choice Program for Danbury students delayed

While the state has set aside funding to have 50 students from each Danbury and Norwalk High Schools attend classes in neighboring municipalities, the towns around Danbury have not yet acted joining the Open Choice Program.  Coordinator Eric Nyquist says they hope to implement the program in the 23-24 academic year instead.  Bethel school officials say they have growing enrollment and can't accommodate out-of-district students.  Ridgefield has not yet discussed Open Choices.  New Fairfield was concerned with the cost of special education if the sending district didn't agree with findings of a needs assessment. 

New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department to purchase new boat

The New Fairfield Board of Selectmen has approved the purchase of a new boat for the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department. Replacement of Marine 1 had been planned for later, but an agreement was made to donate the old boat to the Candlewood Lake Authority. 

$106,250 from town contributions to the fire department’s apparatus reserve fund will be used, with the Fire Department footing the balance, about $39,000. 

Ball Pond Volunteer Fire Company 1st Lt Chris Gardner says the current boat, which was gifted to the police department before being donated to the fire department, is useful for getting on the lake and transporting personnel and equipment.  But he says it's not practical for rescues.  The new boat will allow on-the-water medical attention to be provided while transporting patients back to land. 

New Fairfield responds to the most lake-related calls of all the five surrounding towns.

Three bids were submitted, but two were over budget and the boat was too big.  Connor Industries, also known as Stanley Boats, was selected.  The new Marine 1 will have a roll-up door, lighting and other equipment. 

Gardner says COVID-related supply chain problems drove prices up 15 to 20 percent, and there's a long wait.

Danbury COVID-19 case rates start to decline

Danbury has reported 2,450 COVID-19 cases to the state Department of Public Health in the last two weeks.  The case rate as of January 15th is 206.6, down from 241.8 per 100,000 population last week.  Danbury has a test positivity rate of 34.9 percent, about equal to last week. 

All but one of Connecticut's municipalities remain in the red zone alert level for COVID-19 community spread.  Just Canaan again is not showing 15 or more cases per 100,000 population over the last two weeks.  That town is in the grey with fewer than 5 cases.  

According to data, COVID-19 test positivity rates across the Greater Danbury area remain about the same as the previous week.  The latest data is for the two weeks ending January 15th.  Officials expect the test positivity rate to decline starting in next week's report, in part because of at-home test kits being more widely available and in part because of the sharp fall off of Omicron variant infections. 

The COVID-19 case rates in the Greater Danbury area have started to drop in this week's reporting period, though they are still elevated compared to previous waves of the pandemic.

Danbury opens several Warming Centers

Danbury has opened several Warming Centers as the temperatures plunge back into single digits.  The shelter at New Street is open today and tomorrow 8am to 6pm.  The War Memorial is open today until 10pm, tomorrow 7am to 10pm and Sunday 7am to 5pm.  Danbury Library is open 10am to 5pm today, and 10 to 2 tomorrow.  Anyone in need of shelter is urged to call 2-1-1 to get connected to these services. Safety measures have been enacted at shelters throughout the state to adhere to the needs of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Governor Lamont extended Connecticut’s Severe Cold Weather Protocol  through noon on Wednesday.

Danbury to host virtual workshop about housing affordability

The City of Danbury is hosting a virtual workshop about housing affordability.  The City is in the process of preparing an Affordable Housing Plan and want community input in developing policies that will guide Danbury in meeting the affordable housing needs.  Residents are urged to attend the virtual workshop on Monday via Zoom from 6pm to 8pm to discuss thoughts and concerns.  City residents can also weigh in by taking an online survey at

Supply chain issues delay completion of New Milford Library

Supply chain disruptions that have been sweeping the country have had a serious effect on the timing of the New Milford Library building project. Mayor Pete Bass says despite the fact that crews are working hard every day and much progress has been made, the originally planned completion date at the end of January can no longer be achieved.  The anticipated date of project completion will now be June.  As the summer approaches, Bass says he and the Library Board of Trustees will be sharing official information on an opening date and events as the project progresses. The library continues to operate in a hybrid model.

Conn. finds new lab partners for COVID-19 testing in Danbury, Kent

State officials say they have found replacements for the lab company that handles most of Connecticut’s state-run coronavirus testing, including the sites in Danbury at Pat Waldron Hall and at the Kent Transfer Station.  Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Josh Geballe says some final details are being worked out. SEMA4 processes tests from 16 of the roughly two dozen state sites.  The Stamford-based company told investors and state officials last month that it would stop COVID-19 testing in mid-January and return its focus to genomic testing, its core business. Sema4 later agreed to continue the coronavirus testing through the end of this month.

Flag flown over Bethel Fire Dept. headed to the Olympics

Bethel Fire & EMS, along with the help of the Bethel Police Department, say they had the unique honor of flying an American Flag that will be heading to Beijing with Team USA.  This flag was one of four taking part in a special relay, flying above first responder agencies in 19 states.  The flag is now on its way to meet up with the Olympic athletes of USA Bobsled & Skeleton.  Should Team USA win, the flag will be raised on the podium next month.

Sledding behind New Fairfield High School banned due to construction

Due to construction activity behind New Fairfield High School, effective immediately, there will be no sledding or other recreational activity allowed in that area. The work itself and the location of construction equipment pose a safety hazard to those in the area. New Fairfield officials expect the work to be completed within the next 3 weeks.  New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department is offering some reminders about ice safety.  They caution that the strength of ice cannot be determined just by its appearance, age, thickness, or the temperature.  New ice is usually stronger than old ice. Four inches of clear, newly-formed ice may support one person, while a foot or more of old, partially-thawed ice may not.  Ice also seldom freezes uniformly. It may be a foot thick in one location and only an inch or two just a few feet away.

Sherman firefighters call for driveways, sidewalks to be cleared

Sherman Volunteer Fire Department is calling on residents to make sure driveways and walkways are cleared after the storm, and check with neighbors to see if they need help.  With winter finally here, fire officials says getting access to driveways and houses has been difficult in the past week due to ice and snow. This can cause safety issues for EMS crew and patients, as well as time delays in emergent transports.

Chimney fire in Brookfield extinguished

A chimney fire in Brookfield was quickly extinguished last night.  Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company responded to Shores Hill Road and doused the fire.  Residents are being reminded to clean chimneys before use, annually at a minimum, and have a dry chem extinguisher on hand in case a fire in the chimney does occur.

Newtown investigating robbery

The Newtown Police Detective Bureau is looking for help in locating a vehicle involved in a robbery.  The crime happened in the area of Huntingtown Road between midnight and 5am yesterday.  The vehicle is described as a champagne or gold colored 2 door sedan.  The vehicle was occupied by two individuals, a Hispanic male with dark colored hair and a white male with red hair and a long red beard.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Harold at 203 270-4255.





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