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Danbury Police Making A Difference

Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito recently met with the Danbury Police Chief and others to discuss the Danbury Police Department. Since Mayor Esposito took office, the Danbury Police Department has hired 45 new police officers. There are now 30 Latino officers, over 10 African-American officers, and 19 female officers – many who have come to Danbury from all across the country. Officers speak more than 10 different languages… a reflection of Danbury’s diversity.  Crime in Danbury is down nearly 12% overall from last year, including a decrease of 10% in violent crimes and a 20% decrease in drug and narcotics violations.

Danbury Fire Chief Honored

Firehouse Magazine has selected Danbury Fire Chief Richard Thode as the grand prize winner of the Michael O. McNamee Award of Valor. The award reflects what it means to be brave in the face of danger. Because of Chief Thode’s courage and bravery, a man was rescued from a trench collapse that happened in Bethel back in May 2022, and made a full recovery. Mayor Dean Esposito said the Chief’s heroic efforts during the trench rescue saved a life and demonstrated how he goes above and beyond the call of duty every day to serve not only the residents of Danbury, but also others living in surrounding communities.

Heating Season is Near & It’s Going to Be Costly

The nights have quickly turned from hot and humid to chilly here in Connecticut with the arrival of fall, and now many folks are starting to think about turning on the heat. Many are also trying to delay it as long as possible, because the cost to heat your home this coming winter could hit historic levels. For renters, the choice is often left up to the landlord. Under Connecticut law, if the temperature drops below 65 degrees, they need to turn on the heat or they could face charges.

Supposed Victim Turns Into Suspected Liar

On Wednesday, Detectives with the Danbury Police Department arrested 38-year-old Diego Vizhco, for falsely reporting a robbery on Newtown Road on September 10. Vizhco initially told police that he and his family had been kidnapped at gunpoint in the parking lot of Stop and Shop Supermarket on Newtown Road, after which he was forced to drive to the Bank of America on Main Street, withdraw cash and then drive back to Newtown Road. He claimed that the alleged gunman took the money and fled. But now, after a thorough investigation, detectives have determined that the robbery never occurred… the whole thing was made up. Vizhco is facing charges including 2nd Degree False Incident Report. He was jailed, and his bond was set at $10,000.

Mosquitos in the Crosshairs

While the end of mosquito season is approaching, the risk-level in Connecticut for mosquito borne virus’ remains elevated. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Mosquito Management Program will be conducting spraying where mosquitoes have continued to be detected at high levels. The spraying is being conducted out of an abundance of caution over fears of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, however no human or animal cases have been reported in Connecticut so far this year.

New Fairfield Library Planning Networking Workshop

Business professionals are invited to enhance their online and in-person networking skills at the New Fairfield Library’s upcoming workshop, “Growing YOUR NETWORK with SOCIAL MEDIA and Face-to-Face Connections.” It will be held on Thursday, October 12th, from 5:30 to 7PM at the New Fairfield Public Library. Social Media and Communication Specialists will share tips to help you build strong professional relationships. Networking opportunities will be available. The event is free and open to the public. For full details visit https://www.newfairfieldlibrary.org.

Bethel Sex Offender Sentenced

A convicted sex offender from Bethel will spend almost two decades behind bars for the sexual abuse of a young child in New York. Patrick Lynch has been sentenced to 18 years in prison in New York for the crimes involving a child under the age of 11 that took place about a decade ago. Lynch was also ordered by a judge, to serve 20 years of supervision following his eventual release. His sentence will run consecutive to a prison sentence imposed in the state of Connecticut, where he was convicted last year of felony illegal sexual contact for an offense that took place in Redding in 2013. In that case, Lynch was sentenced to serve more than six years of a 12 year jail sentence behind bars. Another provision of the New York sentence calls for Lynch to register as a sex offender.

Bethel Gun Scare Unfounded

Johnson Elementary School in Bethel was locked down Wednesday afternoon after a report of a student seen with a weapon. Bethel Police were called in, and while everyone was kept safe, dismissal was delayed until the all-clear was given. Police identified a student who they now say was in possession of a toy gun… meaning students and staff were safe at all times. All Bethel schools are running a normal schedule today. No word yet on what consequences the student who was found with the toy gun may face.

Inflation and High Cost of Living Resulting in Cutbacks

The online global payments company www.WorldRemit.com has announced the results of its third Cost of Living Index. Key findings from Connecticut and other states include the fact that 55% go out to eat less and try and cook more at home; 20% have to choose between paying the bills and buying food; 13% had to postpone medical treatment; 72% have seen their transit or commuting expense increase; 77% have seen utility costs increase; and 68% say that housing costs have increased… all just since 2022.

Danbury Businesswoman to Be Honored

Six of Connecticut’s women business owners will be honored by the Women’s Business Development Council on October 27 as part of the 2023 Women Rising Annual Gala and Awards Celebration. The event will include the Lieutenant Governor serving as the event’s honorary chair. The Women Rising Award is presented annually to women business owners who demonstrate success in their business and tenacity in pursuing their goals. Among the women being honored this year is Liz Ceppos, the owner of Cross Culture Kombucha of Danbury.





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