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Beach at Cadigan Park reopens, with new rules

The beach at Cadigan Park is open.  Brookfield residents must have a pass to enter the beach and passes are only sold at the Parks and Rec office in Old Town Hall.  Parks and Rec was open this weekend to purchase passes.

In order to meet State guidelines, the town may have to limit the number of people on the beach at one time.  No daily passes are available at the beach for residents or guests. A reservation must be made.  Reservations are available daily for either a morning (10am – 1:45pm) or afternoon (2 – 5:45pm) session. Pass holders may make three reservations every 7 days; two weekday and one weekend, with no consecutive days. 

An online reservation system will be available as of today, with access and log in information emailed to all season pass holders.  Pass holders may add no more than two guests to each reservation, at a cost of $10 per guest.

Brookfield officials says they reserve the right to ask for proof of residency at time of season pass purchase. 

There must be 15 feet between family groups on the beach.  Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while at the park. Masks must be worn by all patrons over age 2 when entering, moving through the park, using the bathroom or changing area and the concession area.  While at the beach or at a table, or in the water masks are not needed. Vending machines are available for credit card or cash purchases, but no other concession will be available this summer. 

The swings will be available for use, but the basketball court remains closed.   The volleyball court will be available for use and will follow current sector guidance on outdoor sports for capacity, which is currently limited to 2 versus 2.

Fields are now open for leagues to use. Organized sports must file with the Parks and Rec department and self certify with the State. 






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