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98Q Savings Bank of Danbury $170 Song of the Day


This is Savings Bank of Danbury's 170th anniversary.  170 years of giving back to the community.  170 years of service.  170 years of people serving people.  Savings Bank of Danbury is Connecticut's local bank.


WIN with the 98Q--Savings Bank of Danbury

$170 Song of the Day


Listen to Rich Minor weekday mornings.  At 7:20, he'll announce the Song of the Day that could win you $170!!  And he'll tell you in what hour that song will play later that day.  7:20 is the only time you get the Song of the don't miss it.


When it plays on 98Q, wait until the song is over, then call 203-743-9898.  Caller #9 win $170 from Savings Bank of Danbury and 98Q.











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