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98Q Secret Sound 2023


Can YOU tell us the 98Q-Fairfield County Bank Secret Sound?

VICKI HALL of Danbury did. 


She won $483.07

Correct answer: Cleaning out the lint/lint tray in a dryer



All of the incorrect guesses...

A money sorter

Rattling on a screen door

Copy machine

Nail gun

Airport conveyor belt

A pinball machine

A bottle being thrown in water

Cash vault in bank

A money machine/money counter

Old credit card machine swiper

A vending machine

Old cash register

A snare drum

Bank teller vacuum shute

Cash drawer at a bank drive-thru

A nutcracker

Kicking a box of Christmas ornaments

Automatic bowling pin setter

A typewriter

A car trying to start

A snare drum

Popping Christmas ornaments

A turnstile (like into a subway or arena)

Crank for a boat winch

A shopping cart wheel

A mechanical calculator

Slot machine

Recycling machine for bottles

Closing the door of a dryer in a laudromat








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