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Gov. Lamont proposes DMV, holiday changes

Governor Ned Lamont will be submitting a series of legislative proposals aimed at making state government more responsive to the needs of residents.

One proposal will extend the time between driver’s license renewals from six years to eight years, and the time between registrations from two years to three years.  He also wants to implement an option for residents to “skip a trip” between renewals by renewing their license online. 

Another proposal would make Election Day a holiday in a cost-neutral way by swapping it with another current state holiday.  He is also calling for high school and college credit for students volunteering during and before local elections to help increase the number of available election workers.  He is also suggesting increasing the number of same-day registration locations.

Governor Lamont is also proposing to expand the number agencies able to participate in public-private partnerships – and cut down on red tape around these partnerships – in support of economic development and job creation.

The proposals will be included in the series of bills the governor is planning to submit to the legislature by February 20th.





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