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Gov. calls for donations of medical supplies

Connecticut’s congressional delegation is asking the federal government to provide urgently needed medical supplies as soon as possible to hospitals and health care workers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Some hospitals are only days away from running out of some personal protective equipment, the lawmakers said Friday.

The seven legislators sent a letter to officials at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday. They requested 250,000 each of respirator face masks, surgical masks, surgical gowns, non-sterile gloves and disposable face shields from the national stockpile.

State health officials had requested supplies from the stockpile last week.

Lamont said Friday the state has received a small amount of supplies from the federal government, but “we have a long way to go there.” He urged industries that might such masks and other protective gear to donate or sell their supplies to the state, adding, “we’ll pay top price.”

Members of the public, businesses and philanthropic organizations that want to donate the equipment to help hospitals and nursing homes can fill out an online form.






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