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Russian hacker Levashov sentenced to time already served

A Russian hacker known internationally as the "bot master" has been sentenced to time already served in federal prison on charges he operated a network of devices used to steal computer credentials, distribute spam emails and install malicious software. Peter Levashov pleaded guilty in 2018 to conspiracy, wire fraud, identity theft and other charges he operated several networks of hijacked computers, known as botnets, that were capable of pumping out billions of spam emails. His lawyers, in arguing for the sentence, said Levashov is humbled, apologetic and has suffered enormously already from his crimes in the years since his arrest.  Russian authorities fought his extradition, but Levashov was eventually transferred to the U.S. He was prosecuted in Connecticut because the FBI’s New Haven office investigated the case through its Connecticut Cyber Task Force and some of the hijacked computers were located in this state.





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