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Report finds police officers violated code of conduct

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - An investigation into a Connecticut police officer's sexual harassment complaint has concluded that a police sergeant and lieutenant violated the department's code of conduct.

The Hartford Police Department's internal affairs report released Wednesday says Sgt. Andrew Rodney used offensive language with Officer Kelly Baerga, who is the department's LGBTQ liaison.

Baerga complained that Rodney made lewd comments she felt were demeaning and made comments to another officer that seemed intended to "out" her as gay.

The report says Lt. Paul West didn't appropriately discipline Rodney or properly notify supervisors of Baerga's complaints.

Baerga says West is being unduly punished and he was the first to report her complaints while top officials took no action for months.

Rodney has said he never meant to offend.

Both men face suspension or demotion.





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