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Rich Minor in the Morning

BIRTHDAY: March 3 cards rule, thx :)


CITIES I'VE LIVED IN: Richmond, VA...Roanoke, VA...Hoboken, NJ...Norwalk, CT...and now Bethel, CT (woohoo!!)

FIRST JOB IN RADIO: Q94 in Richmond, VA.

IF I WASN'T IN RADIO, WHAT WOULD I BE DOING? Probably a math teacher. I know...that's a switch, right?

FAVORITE SPORTS: Basketball, golf, football, soccer.

FAVORITE CELEBS: Meryl Streep...Tommy Lee Jones...Madeleine Stowe...Anthony Hopkins...Jessica Lange...Matt Damon...Goldie Hawn...Leonardo DiCaprio...Jennifer Lawrence

CELEBS I WANT TO MEET: Dick Vitale (college basketball sportscaster)...Adele...Channing Tatum

FAVORITE VACATION SPOTS: Miami...North Myrtle Beach, SC...Fort Lauderdale, FL.

FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR: Christmas. Oh, and the entire month of March. Why? (1) College basketball's March Madness tournament. (2) It's my birthday month.

FAVORITE SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR: The day in December when we do 98Q's Bags & Bears...all to brighten the holidays for foster kids in Greater Danbury. There's so much generosity here in our community. I love it.

GAME SHOW FAN?? Uhhhhhhhh YEAH!! I tried out for "Wheel of Fortune"...made it through the multiple rounds of auditions (and written test)...and made it on the show in 2006. I didn't take home a "fortune"...but I did pocket some nice cash. I get asked about being on the show all the time. It's crazy how that sticks with people.

Thanks for listening to 98Q...Danbury's Hit Music Station!!
Listen weekday mornings from 6 to 10 for all kinds of craziness...your favorite music... "Hot Dirt From Hollywood"...and the news, weather and traffic you need.

98Q REQUEST LINE: 203-743-9898

On-Air Schedule
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